by Design
Your marketing shouldn't look or feel like "marketing."
Let's start a conversation between your clients and your business that delivers results. It's marketing, but different by design.
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One Size Does
Not Fit All
Just because it worked for one client, doesn't mean it's the right strategy for your business.
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Do They Really
Your Audience?
It’s easy to spot marketing posers when your marketing speaks to the wrong audience.
How We Help
Do They Only Have Your Money on Their Mind?
The value of your agency relationship should not be measured in dollar signs.
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About Us

Different by Design

You rise to the challenge of serving each of your client’s unique needs. So, why get hooked by a marketing agency that does anything less than what you expect of yourself? Go to market with the power of a full-service agency that explores the depths of your business and the markets you serve to create an ocean of opportunity.

TechDrive Creative Studios – a marketing agency powered by D&H Distributing – takes your brand from sardine to shark, allowing your business to show up and show out uniquely in a sea of technology providers just like we’ve done for some of the biggest fish in the industry.

Take it from an agency that’s been there and done that but, like you, understands the importance of doing things differently in the best interest of each individual client. We’re not an agency for everyone. We’re an agency for you – one that you deserve and that’s Different by Design.

Our Services

Marketing unbound! There is no job too big or small, and no need left unmet. TechDrive Creative Studios offers what you want and what you require in three distinct, customizable marketing service options.

Partner Services

You need it now, so get it now. Browse an exclusive menu of customizable, pre-built marketing assets and digital toolkits powered by vendor partners to help our reseller partners sell the latest and greatest in IT solutions and services. It’s like gourmet fast food – always fresh, built your way, and you’ll love it!

  • Digital Marketing & Sales Assets
  • Marketing Campaign Toolkits
  • MDF Opportunities Available


Our Market+SHIFT partner enablement platform streamlines your crafty side with marketing automation. In just a few clicks, our strategic go to market pieces become your own branded DIY masterpieces, upgrading your outbound marketing from basic economy to first class. It’s marketing freedom, with a crew to help you reach your final destination.

  • Turnkey Marketing Campaigns
  • Built-In CRM Database Capabilities
  • Dynamic Marketing Automation Tools

Custom Services

You’ve got the foundation, but your building blocks are scattered everywhere without the proper assembly instructions. Time to call in a master builder, or marketing architect (a mark-itecht?), to see what you’ve got, create a strategic blueprint, and snap the pieces together to help you create anything you can imagine.

  • Marketing Consultation Services
  • Creative Design & Production Services
  • Custom-Tailored Marketing Campaigns
Manufacturer & Vendor Partners
You make a difference. It’s time to celebrate being a manufacturer partner, you give it up to your industry, and now it’s time you get some back. Take it to market with exclusive custom services that support partners through participation in Partner Services and Concierge Services.

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Ready to shake things up? Share your hopes, dreams, and marketing needs to take the first step in a journey that is inspired by you, built for your business, and different by design.

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